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Who inspects the Inspectors? (Part II)

Diagram demonstrating that factors such as policy. standards, control, regulations and laws are all building blocks for compliance

In the October blog post we told you about the successful audit of the GMP Inspectorate under the JAP programme.  Later that month the entire Inspectorate was assessed as part of the BEMA programme.

1st birthday - reflections on the last year of blogging

Birthday cake with one lit candle

A year ago today we launched the MHRA Inspectorate blog.  Now, after 12 months of activity it’s a good time to reflect on where we are and what’s to come.

The British Pharmacopoeia's new website - setting the standards

The launch of the new integrated British Pharmacopoeia website this week presents a great opportunity to explore this other group within the Inspection, Enforcement & Standards Division of MHRA. The British Pharmacopoeia (BP) makes an important contribution to the role of MHRA …