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Senior GPvP Inspector, Anna Adams presenting at the MHRA Symposium

Anna Adams

Anna joined the MHRA as a Pharmacovigilance Inspector at the start of 2016. Since then, she has inspected the pharmacovigilance systems of all types of pharmaceutical organisations from large innovator firms, to small biotech start-ups, to international organisations with established generic portfolios, and everything in between.
Her career in pharmacovigilance started with processing Yellow Card reports at the MHRA in 2007 before she completed a PhD in peptide chemistry with molecular biology at University College London. Anna then returned to work in the field of pharmacovigilance at a large pharmaceutical company, before she re-joined the MHRA as an inspector.

Pharmacovigilance requirements for UK authorised products - 13 January 2021

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Pharmacovigilance requirements for UK authorised products webinar recording, which took place on 13 January 2020. This webinar was part of a series of Brexit and post-transition guidance webinars.

Passing the baton from GPvP to GMP: Three top tips for protecting patients and staying compliant

Gentleman consulting with a pharmacist about the medicine she is holding

A principle objective of both the MHRA and of pharmaceutical companies is to protect and improve the health of patients. When new information about the benefits and risks of a medicine become available it is often appropriate to make changes to the safety information for the product.