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Process Licensing Update

The purpose of this post is to give an update on a change to how we are issuing our licences and certificates due to the coronavirus pandemic; and a reminder to keep your contact details up to date.

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  1. Electronic PDF licences and certificates

The UK government has advised employees, where possible, to work from home. The MHRA has initiated business continuity plans, which include operations related to the processing of licence applications and variations.  During this period licences/certificates will be issued as an electronic pdf copy.  Entries will continue to be uploaded into EudraGMDP .

Please allow 48 hours, after the licence has been approved, for this to be visible. For specials licences, the register will continue to be updated.

  1. Keep licence communication details up to date

It is vital for all licence holders to keep their communication details up to date e.g. email address and telephone numbers. The importance of these details being kept up to date has been further reinforced during the coronavirus pandemic, as the MHRA has been issuing important information to licence holders. It is therefore vital that communication details are current. You may have changed your email address or telephone numbers since your last application was submitted.

Please check your contact details now and if you need to vary a manufacturing licence, please do so via this link and utilise Forms 1V, 2V and 3V.

For Wholesale Distribution Authorisations, please submit any variations through the MHRA Process Licensing Portal.


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